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Anti-Fraud Measures
To whom it may concern

Our company does package forwarding business: we receive packages in our warehouse and we forward that packages to our customers located outside of the United States.

Since we don't deal with our customers in person we understand that there are some bad people (fraudsters) who may try to use our service in their fraudulent schemes.

We want to protect US sellers and people from fraud and we don't want to be used in a fraudulent schemes.

Today we are trying to analyze each outgoing shipment by applying various known fraud patterns. If we find that details of a shipment match any of fraud patterns we do the following:

  • Immediately block the account of a user in our system.
  • Stop/cancel shipment.
  • Return all packages which belong to a blocked account back to US senders/merchants.
If you believe you became a victim of a fraud please contact us ASAP via email: asap@shypy.com

If your eBay account was stolen and items were shipped to our warehouse, if your credit card information was stolen and someone used it to buy something online and ship it to our warehouse or if your bonus account was stolen and used to purchase something and the order was shipped to our warehouse then immediately contact us via email: asap@shypy.com.

If you are a seller and you received a chargeback due to unauthorized payment and you already shipped an order to our warehouse please contact us ASAP via email: asap@shypy.com. If you are a merchant and you shipped your items to our warehouse, but you believe that your order was paid with a stolen credit card or PayPal account please also contact us immediately.

PLEASE NOTE: we ship packages every day, thus it's critical to contact us as soon as possible in order to stop package from being shipped out.

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