Increase your sales with TaxFreeCat
Today consumers are looking to save by comparing prices and using various cash back services, loyalty programs, cash back credit cards etc. Integrating TaxFreeCat you will eliminate sales tax at checkout for all your customers and save them up to 9%, thus increasing sales of your online store and your consumer's loyalty.
What TaxFreeCat brings to you
Integration with TaxFreeCat is free and you will also get the following benefits:
Increased Sales
Researches show that sales depend on the sales tax rate.
Increased Loyalty
Customers are ready to save 1-2% using cashback services (like Ebates, Rebates Imagine you provide them an opportunity to save up to 9% at checkout!
Compete with Amazon
We all know that Amazon strives to provide better prices, but they are forced to charge sales tax. With TaxFreeCat you won't charge sales tax, thus you can compete even with Amazon!
How your customers benefit by using TaxFreeCat
Sign-up for free
Each of your customers signs-up to get a unique personal TaxFreeCat address located in tax free state Delaware
Shop online as usual
Customers buy your items and ship them to our warehouse in Delaware.
We forward orders
We receive all orders at our warehouse and forward it to an appropriate customers.
Two simple ways to integrate
TaxFreeCat into your online store
Just place our banner on your website (we recommend to place it on the product page, at checkout and on the main page), or connect our API to give your customers a seamless solution. We're always here for you regardless of how you choose to use TaxFreeCat
Ready to start?
Apply to TaxFreeCat and increase your sales
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